IntelliTrac’s 25 Year Anniversary

IntelliTrac announces it’s 25th Anniversary with new products and great deals on Mycars GPS for the month of July.

In this newsletter IntelliTrac is:-

  • Welcoming clients to participate in Beta Testing of it’s new i-Dispatch mobile workforce Job Dispatch System.
  • Announcing SPOT2 GlobalStar GPS Personal Tracking System interface to IntelliTrac Software
  • Showcasing City Of Ballarat’s GPS Waste Management System


  • Announcing IntelliTrac’s New GPS Pre-Trip Check list  and vehicle defect reporting system

For more information please go to

or download this newsletter at

We also welcome you to our Facebook Page at to view our photo gallery of 25 years of memories

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IntelliTrac Waste Management GPS Solutions

IntelliTrac announces it’s IT300 based Waste Management IVMS GPS Solutions.

Now into its 3rd Generation of IVMS GPS Solutions for  Municipal Waste Management, IntelliTrac has added further functionality including:-

  • Live Tracking.
  • Satellite Imagery.
  • Streetview Photography.
  • Live Traffic Information.
  • Journey Replay.
  • KPI Reporting on Bin Lift, Route Distances, Tipping Times etc.
  • In Vehicle Terminals for Text Messaging, Vehicle Pre-Alert Checks, Bin Not Out/Damaged Reporting, Road Condition Maintenance Reproting Such as Pot Holes.
  • Job Dispatch and recording/reporting of unscheduled jobs.
  • Vehicle Service Alerts based on Odometer Readings.
  • CO2 Emissions Reporting.
  • Interface to MJE Compactor Can Bus/Serial Data.
  • Photo Capture of Bin Not Out.
  • Live Video Recording of Rear View Camera, Hopper Vamera, Side Camera and Forward Camera.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring.
  • In Vehicle Navigation and Route Planning.

For Further information please visit

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Intelligent Tracking Solutions Auckland New Zealand launches the MyCars Range of GPS Fleet Management Tracking solutions to the New Zealand Market.

Over the past 3 years the MyCars GPS Tracking product range has changed the industry landscape in Australia and become the leader in its field due to:-

  • Affordable pricing 50% below the industry average.
  • Superior software with features outstripping current Australian and NZ industry leaders.
  • The backing of a world leader in GPS tracking technology with 25 years experience.

The product is now available in New Zealand via Intelligent Tracking Solutions  a company with over 20 years experience in automotive technology.

MyCars GPS Tracking is suitable for all vehicles including Cars, Vans and Trucks.

MyCars GPS Tracking suits small to medium businesses running 1 to 500 vehicles in their fleets.

The MyCars Online Software is a true multi user secure platform.

The Mycars GPS Tracking Online GPS Tracking Software provides the following functions (just to name a few):-

  • Real Time Tracking on NZ Streetdirectory maps  or Google Maps
  • Journey Replay on NZ Maps or Google Maps
  • Google Satellite Images  and Google StreetView Photography
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Route Planner…Load your jobs  and let MyCars show you the best travelling path and order.
  • Management Reports such as:- Stationary Time and Location, Journey Time and Distance, Site Visits Report, Driver Reports, Exception Reports and more
  • Email and Software Popup Alerts based on :- Missed appointments, — Vehicles due for service, Entering banned areas, Exiting local areas  and more

For more information please visit or Dial 0508-927-562

New Zealand GPS Tracking System

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IntelliTrac GPS Tracking IVMS Tender Policy

Based on evaluation of existing internal tendering processes IntelliTrac has adopted the following Tendering Policy for:-

  • GPS Tracking Devices, AVL, Telemetry, VMS
  • IVMS – In Vehicle Monitoring Systems
  • GPS Personal Tracking including Lone Worker Man Down Systems

With 25 years experience in automotive electronics, GPS and GIS systems, IntelliTrac has the experience to guide you through the tendering process.

By IntelliTrac understanding your requirements we are able to guide you through the technology associated with GPS Tracking and IVMS Solutions.

We guide you through areas such as:-

  • The various GIS Platforms.
  • The various Data Providers such as Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Iridium, GlobalStar.
  • The various types of In Vehicle Systems and various technologies which may affect functionality when used in your application.
  • The various types of interfaces into vehicle systems and their reliability.
  • The various software platforms, such as web based or client/server based.
  • The resources you will require internally to manage the system.

Let IntelliTrac guide you through the processs of understanding and formulating a successful solution.

IntelliTrac Policy for tendering is based on the following criteria:-

It would be ideal if:-

  1. Potential clients develop a relationship with IntelliTrac prior to releasing a tender. This will allow the client time to trial the technology to gain an indepth understanding of any potential limitations and tradeoffs required to tender a workable, reliable solution and cost effective.
  2. Intellitrac and the potential client would work together to investigate the client’s business requirements fully.
  3. IntelliTrac and the potential client would work together to investigate the nature of the GPS Tracking and IVMS requirements to fully understand resources required by the client to administer and maintain a large scale corporate or government solution.
  4. IntelliTrac will do some initial system and hardware customisation to suit the client’s requirements at no cost to investigate the feasibility of the required outcomes.
  5. IntelliTrac will investigate with the client the best possible solution at the best possible pricing taking all the above factors into consideration.

To View Our IVMS – In vehicle Monitoring System Solutions please click here

To View a complete Product and Software Guide please click here

For more information please visit

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SPOT 2 GlobalStar GPS Personal Tracker Now At IntelliTrac

Spot 2 Personal Tracker operating on the Globalstar Satellite Communications  Network will soon be available at IntelliTrac.

IntelliTrac in partnership with Spot have fully integrated the device into the IntelliTrac Enterprise Server Software Suite providing a range of value added services and reporting functions to small business, government  and corporate clients in line with the existing IntelliTrac GPS Tracking product lines.

The Spot 2 – IntelliTrac integration brings to market  a competitively priced personal GPS tracking device with duress functionality suitable for Lone Worker OH&S requirements in rural and outback regions where mobile phone coverage is unavailable.

For more information please visit

Spot 2 Personal Tracker now on IntelliTrac Software

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Live Traffic Updates Now Available on IntelliTrac

Average Speeds of Traffic Indicated by Road Overlay Colours,

Track your company vehicles in real time.

Be advised of traffic conditions in real time.

For More information Visit

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IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Introduces StreetView

IntelliTrac Global GPS Tracking Portal now features Google Maps, with Map View, Satellite Imagery and Street View. These features are available across our complete range of products at no extra cost to existing subscribers. For more information please visit

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IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Introduces Route Planner

Fleet operators may now upload jobs or deliveries from an Excel
Spreadsheet to IntelliTrac’s Route Planner to optimise journeys and
calculate travelling times. An export facility allows fleet managers to
print out detailled journey plans and delivery schedules for drivers.

For More Information please visit

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Intellitrac IVMS In Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Intellitrac’s IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring Systems) Solutions combine Real Time Tracking , Fleet Management and Activity Reporting with Occupational Health and Safety Alerting and Reporting Systems via a combination of in vehicle devices and wearable devices.

Our solutions are customised to each individual site and may operate in third world countries on low speed internet platforms including dial up modems.

IntelliTrac ensures you and your employees both remote and “in cabin” can receive alerts for situations such as:-

  • Journey Planning-Missed Scheduled Arrival Times
  • Accidents
  • Black Spot Warnings (In Cabin)
  • Approaching Vehicle Warning (In Cabin)
  • Man-down Alerts
  • SOS Alerts
  • Yellow Alerts – Extended time in geofence
  • Roll Over Alerts
  • No seat belt while vehicle is in motion
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Cornering
  • High G Force
  • Overreving

The options are almost endless.

IntelliTrac is able to offer IVMS solutions combining WIFI, Iridium Satphone and all major mobile phone frequences including NextG into one converged device complete with:-

  • Onboard data messaging
  • Vehicle engine management monitoring
  • Customised Routing and Navigation

Other useful benefits include:-

  • Automatically record odometer and km travelled
  • Automatically record engine hours
  • Be alerted to upcoming scheduled service for easy vehicle maintenance.
  • Produce meaningful reports to help make better and more informed business decisions.
  • Be aware of what is happening with your mobile workforce whether you are in the office or on the road.
  • Know exactly where your vehicles and mobile assets are, and what they doing, 24/7.
  • Monitor Driver Work Load Compliance and Chain of Responsibility
  • Monitor Fuel Use
  • Monitor schedules
  • Driver, Vehicle and Load Security
  • Driver Electronic Fatigue Management

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IntelliTrac Truck and Trailer Show Melbourne

Unfortunately IntelliTrac will not be attending the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show this year, but don’t worry as we have some great show deals available for GPS Truck and Trailer Tracking and In vehicle monitoring systems.

For full details please go to

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