IntelliTrac Releases New Website

IntelliTrac releases new and updated website for GPS Tracking.

Go to and view our new website.

Intellitrac releases new website

New Website from

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IntelliTrac You Tube Channel – MyKidsGPS Video

This is our latest YouTube Channel Video.

For More Information go to

MyKidsGPS Low Cost GPS Personal Tracker for Children and Elderly

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I-Dispatch Launches YouTube Videos

I-Dispatch Mobile Job Dispatch Software

Watch Our Job Dispatch Demonstration Video Here

Or Visit

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IntelliTrac November 2012 Newsletter and 25th Anniversary MyCars GPS Tracking Sale

Celebrate IntelliTrac’s 25 Year Milestone as we lead up to Christmas with these exceptional prices on IntelliTrac MyCars GPS Tracker.


  • Internet Live Tracking on Google Maps- Now with Satellite View, Streetview and Live Traffic
  • Journey Replay
  • Route Optimisation – Upload your jobs via Excel and let us show you the way
  • Stationary Time and Location Report
  • Journey Time and Distance Report
  • Client Visits Report – Individual, Average and Total Time Spent at each location
  • Fleet Summary Reoprt – Start and Finish Time, Hours Worked, Distance Travel
  • Excessive Idle or Speeding Report
  • Driver Log Book Report
  • Vehicle Due for Service Email Alerts and Report
  • Carbon Emissions Report
  • Customised- Drill Down Reports and Exception Reports
  • Email Alerts and Popup Screens
  • Blackbox Recorder storing 100,000 positions at up to 1 second intervals
  • All Reports export to Excel, CSV and PDF Files

Act Now Avoid Disappointment – Click Here To Order

Download this newsletter in PDF Here

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GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce Job Dispatch Solutions for Local Government

IntelliTrac releases its 2012 Catalog of Local Goverment GPS Tracking Solutions.

IntelliTrac Local Government GPS Tracking Solutions

IntelliTrac Local Government GPS Tracking Solutions

IntelliTrac has a wealth of experience spanning over one decade with customised local government GPS solutions. IntelliTrac has worked in conjunction with some of the largest councils in Australia to develop these solutions and integrate into existing Council GIS systems and work flow systems. A range of references are available upon request.

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Solutions are fundamentally adopted by local government to improve efficiency, security and accountability, ultimately resulting in increased productivity, better risk management and improved OH&S.

IntelliTrac LGS provides a range of solutions designed exclusively for Local Government via customised internet portals or Enterprise Service Software Suites.

IntelliTrac LGS may be applied to the following areas of local government.

  • Waste Collection
  • Street Sweeping
  • Water Truck -Water Usage Monitoring
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Maintenance & Works
  • Compliance & Bylaws
  • Community Services
  • School Crossing Supervision
  • Mobile Data Capture
  • GPS Maintenance Asset Recording
  • GPS Based Job Dispatch-See BLITS Mobile Workforce Solutions
  • KPI Benchmarking

At IntelliTrac our Local Goverment Team understands the practices within local government and is able to quickly and efficiently customise solutions to meet council requirments.

Click here to view IntelliTrac Local Government Brochure

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IntelliTrac To Release MyKidsGPS-Live

IntelliTrac to release MyKidsGPS-Live

IntelliTrac has announced the pending release of its upgraded MyKidsGPS personal tracking device.

Where MyKidsGPS is an SMS based technology harnessing GPS locations and transmitting them via SMS to parents mobile phones, MyKidsGPS-Live is a truely live near real time tracking system.

MyKidsGPS-Live will use IntelliTrac’s newly announced MyGPSNetwork communications to stream live data at 3 minute intervals to IntelliTrac’s Global Data Centre. As a result there is no need for expensive prepaid sim cards to be inserted into the device, hence saving parents money and risks associated with excessive data use and SMS polling.

Subscribers will simply log into the IntelliTrac website via their computers, tablet PC’s or smart phones to track their loved ones.

MyKidsGPS Live provides:-

  • Unlimited Login Times
  • Unlimited Tracking at 3 minute updates
  • All data is displayed on a Google Map with Satellite View and Street view
  • All data is historically captured for replay and reporting
  • Email Alerts for user defined exceptions such as low battery, SOS button pressed, Entering or Leaving Excluded Zones  and more.

For more information please visit the IntelliTrac MyKids Website or IntelliTrac Facebook Site

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MyKidsGPS – Children GPS Tracker By IntelliTrac

MyKidsGPS Personal GPS Tracking Device by IntelliTrac

Every parent worries about losing track of their child, but Dean Calapai isn’t quite like other parents.

He has his own global satellite tracking business with technology that gave him an idea after a family trip to Disneyland.

”Young Matthew was only five-years-old so we decided to strap one of [one of the tracking devices] on them and it just gave us piece of mind during our holiday,” Calapai said.

The device is called MyKidsGPS and it allows parents to track their children’s movements wherever they go.

Using his iPad, Calapai can log in and track his son up and down the street.

It’s equipped with a panic button that can instantly send help message to five mobile phones with exact map locations.

It can also alert parents instantly if the child leaves an approved play area.

Calapai explains how the red area is where he allows his son to ride his bike.

If he goes outside the area, Calapai says an alert SMS will be sent so that he can ‘have a chat’ when his son gets home.

And there’s no risk of him going out of range, as they device can track him right across the country.

The gadget doesn’t just show parents where their child is at a particular point in time, it stores the data showing parents all the places their kids have been, and how long they spent there.

But some psychologists warn against overusing tracking devices.

Dr Gary Banks believes there’s a counter argument to say it potentially reduces independence

For More Information please visit

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GPS Tracking Systems Big Savers For Small Firms

From an article in The Australian Financial Review 4th October 2012 featuring IntelliTrac and Navman Wireless

Click Here to View Original Article in The Australian Financial Review

On track .?.?. improved vehicle allocation with modern GPS technologies can save owners up to 25 per cent

On track .?.?. improved vehicle allocation with modern GPS technologies can save owners up to 25 per cent

For Australia’s best value small business GPS Fleet Tracking System please visit

By:- Mark Abernethy

GPS location technologies have been used to reduce fleet costs for large organisations for at least a decade. But while large fleet owners have reduced operating costs and increased productivity by fitting GPS and data devices to their vehicles, small and medium sized businesses have traditionally stayed out of the market, either for lack of funds or low awareness.

That situation has changed, according to fleet management service providers, as not only devices and software are packaged more affordably for small business owners but high-powered computing also becomes ubiquitous.

“The original fleet management systems were enterprise grade,” says Ian Daniel, managing director of Navman Wireless Asia-Pacific.

“It wasn’t just the set-up cost per vehicle that kept the smaller guys out of the picture – it was also the technology requirements back at the office. Most SMBs [small and medium sized businesses] were not properly equipped.”

Daniel says the fleet management industry is servicing the 1.5 million small and medium sized businesses in Australia, as small fleet operators see how much they can save by using location services on their vehicles.

Navman Wireless uses two technologies: GPS and the cellular data networks, Daniel says.

When vehicles are fitted with the boxes the owner is able to see the whereabouts at all times of his or her vehicles, and the data associated with the journey is streamed over the cellular network and into the owners’ own system.

Daniel says the typical business owner is saving between 10 and 15?per cent in fuel costs by being able to properly allocate vehicles to jobs – by knowing which are closest to the next job – and by using routing software to get them there most efficiently.

Fuel savings are the most obvious advantages; business owners also use the systems to increase

productivity, improve customer service and better manage risk, thereby decreasing insurance premiums and accident costs.

“In the SMB space, timely response is very important,” Daniel says. “Being able to take a job request, see where all of your vehicles are, and then commit to the job, is an important tool. It makes clients happier and it allows you to reduce overtime in your workforce.”

He says Navman Wireless has a product in which the business owner can track driver behaviour in the vehicles, which means measures such as speeding, over-idling and over-braking are collected by the system’s software.

The next frontier of the GPS systems, he says, is treating the vehicle as an article of business intelligence integrating directly into accounting systems.

This is a direction also being pursued by Melbourne-based IntelliTrac.

“The most obvious part of the GPS service is dots on a map,” says IntelliTrac CEO Dean Calapai. “But the real value to business owners is bringing together vehicles, time and location as management reporting – a business efficiency tool so you get the most out of the asset.

“The next phase that we’re selling now is management reports integrating straight into the accounting systems.”

The IntelliTrac integrated system is called iDispatch and allows remote invoicing, FBT reporting, photos

to be taken, documents to be downloaded and sent, signatures to be made on an iPhone and Android, and even receipts to be collected.

IntelliTrac sells its basic black box for $199 and charges $27 per month to host the programs and the data clients use. Even in the basic product – where routing, pick-up/drop-off, time management and fuel/maintenance costs can be tracked for each vehicle – Calapai says clients get impressive results.

“We have over 20,000 vehicles running our black boxes, and the data from those vehicles really tells the story,” Calapai says.

The story is that businesses with a fleet of five vehicles enjoy an average benefit of 24.97 per cent. That’s not only from savings in fuel, maintenance and overtime, but also from extra work.

“Clients with this product can put on an extra two jobs per vehicle per week,” Calapai says.

“They can also expand their business without buying more vehicles. We have clients who analyse their vehicle activity and reassign low-performing vehicles when they want to open a new branch”

The Australian Financial Review

For more information please visit

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IntelliTrac Portable IVMS – Rent or Buy

IntelliTrac Australia announces a range of portable IVMS – In Vehicle Monitoring Systems  for the Mining and Heavy Contruction Industry.

Based on Telstra NextG, and GPRS networks, IntelliTrac IVMS complies with the requirements set out by major Australian mining companies including Santos.

Features include:-

  • Live Tracking
  • Management Reporting
  • Driver Identification
  • Driver behaviour Monitoring
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Impact
  • Seat belt monitoring
  • 4WD engage
  • Trip planning and scheduling
  • Driver fatigue management

IntelliTrac’s MyIVMS is available for Short Term Rental or Purchase.

For more information please visit:-

Rent or Buy a Portable IVMS from IntelliTrac

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i-Dispatch Mobile Workforce Job Dispatch Mobility Software Solutions

I-Dispatch is a Internet Cloud based Mobile Workforce Job Dispatch Software Solution suitable for businesses employing one or more mobile staff. Designed and Developed in Australia for a global market.
I-Dispatch is scalable for any size organisation.

Suits:- suited to Tradespersons, Transport industry, and Service based industries.

Simply schedule your jobs on your PC and send them to one or more mobile staff on their iPhone.

Included is a facility to upload and download job notes, documents, photos and signatures.

In addition, i-dispatch may record invoice numbers, warranty numbers, parts used, normal time and overtime worked for each job.

I-dispatch may also generate a range of management of reports.

I-dispatch Job Dispatch System

For more information or  to contact us please visit

I-Dispatch is free to use and trial for 30 days.

As an introductory offer,

I-Dispatch will be free to use until February 2013.

Download the I-Dispatch iPhone and iPad App from iTunes.

Go To and signup.

  • Set Up Your Company Account
  • Set Up Office PC Users as Admin
  • Set Up iPhone Users as Mobile Staff
  • Set Up Your Customers
  • Start Dispatching Jobs

I-Dispatch I-Phone App Icon

I-Dispatch is a mobile smart phone app available for:-

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android smart phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Windows 7
  • Windows CE

I-Dspatch provides an easy to use calendar function to display:-

  • Pending Jobs
  • Jobs in Progress
  • Jobs Completed
  • Job Notes and Documents
  • Live Messenger Chat between Office and Mobile Staff

i-dispatch i-phone login screen i-dispatch job dispatch calendar function

I-Dispatch provides an easy to use Job Description Screen. View all job details on one screen including:-

  • Time and Date of Job
  • Priority
  • Client contact Details
  • Description
  • Job Status

I-Dispatch provides an easy to use one click map view of jobs locations

Job Dispatch Navigation to Job

I-Dispatch provides and easy to use interface:-

Click Job Description Line Items to:-

  • Call the client
  • View Address on a map
  • Change Job Status – Accept/Decline/Start/Complete

I-Dispatch provides and easy to use interface to:-

  • Place Jobs on Hold
  • Change Job Status in correct sequence On Hold->In Progress
  • Take multiple photos of the job at various stages
  • Create Job Notes
  • Take a signature on glass

All information is stored in the I-Dispatch “cloud” for reporting and processing.

I-Dispatch provides an easy to manage job workflow process including document dispatch and control.

Imagine sending detailled documents such as work instructions, OH&S information, photos and more to your mobile staff.

A record of these documents is stored in the I-Dispatch cloud attached to their relevant job for accountability and traceability.

I-Dispatch provides an easy method of attaching notes to each job.

Use this function to provide a historical diary of any detailled information pertaining to each job.

A reporting suite allows office staff to quickly view job histories, job notes, documents and photographs

I-Dispatch provides an easy method of attaching multiple photos to each job.

Take before and after photos of jobs. Photos are date time and GPS stamped providing proof of work done.

I-Dispatch provides an easy method of logging parts used for each job.

I-Dispatch Office Admin reports provide cost and sell price of parts used along with profit margin information

-Dispatch allows mobile staff and office staff to enter:-

  • Invoice Details
  • Warranty Details
  • Parts Used
  • Regular Time to be claimed or billed to the client
  • Overtime to be claimed or billed to the client

I-Dispatch allows recording of staff and client signatures along with names at various stages of each job.

Information is recorded into the I-Dispatch Cloud computers along with date time and location data.

I-Dispatch allows mobile staff and office staff to change their availability.

For example:- If a mobile staff worker is on holiday, jobs cannot be allocated to them during that period.

I-Dispatch allows mobile staff and office staff to view their details such as:-

  • Hourly labour cost and charge rates
  • Email Address
  • Password management

i-dispatch job description
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