IntelliTrac – GPS Tracking More Than Dots On A Map

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Fleet Management

IntelliTrac, it’s so much more than dots on a map. Featuring:-

  • User customisable fleet management reports,
  • Fuel card verification reports,
  • Vehicle Service Reminders, Logging, Lifecycle Costing and reliability metrics
  • Driver behaviour analysis, combined with insurance telematics
  • Engine management monitoring & remote diagnostics
  • Driver fatigue management
  • Route planning and optimisation
  • PTO and transducer monitoring and telemetry
  • Driver RFID
  • Driver Data, Certifications & Skill Sets
  • Photo capture
  • Job Dispatch, Messaging, Signature on glass, OH&S Forms, Job Document Controls, Mobile Warehousing/Inventory management, payroll, availability and leave logging, invoicing, quoting…………
  • Navigation

and so much more.

  • Industry specific solutions
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Customised Hardware, Firmware and Software Solutions

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