IntelliTrac To Release MyKidsGPS-Live

IntelliTrac to release MyKidsGPS-Live

IntelliTrac has announced the pending release of its upgraded MyKidsGPS personal tracking device.

Where MyKidsGPS is an SMS based technology harnessing GPS locations and transmitting them via SMS to parents mobile phones, MyKidsGPS-Live is a truely live near real time tracking system.

MyKidsGPS-Live will use IntelliTrac’s newly announced MyGPSNetwork communications to stream live data at 3 minute intervals to IntelliTrac’s Global Data Centre. As a result there is no need for expensive prepaid sim cards to be inserted into the device, hence saving parents money and risks associated with excessive data use and SMS polling.

Subscribers will simply log into the IntelliTrac website via their computers, tablet PC’s or smart phones to track their loved ones.

MyKidsGPS Live provides:-

  • Unlimited Login Times
  • Unlimited Tracking at 3 minute updates
  • All data is displayed on a Google Map with Satellite View and Street view
  • All data is historically captured for replay and reporting
  • Email Alerts for user defined exceptions such as low battery, SOS button pressed, Entering or Leaving Excluded ZonesĀ  and more.

For more information please visit the IntelliTrac MyKids Website or IntelliTrac Facebook Site

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