MyKidsGPS – Children GPS Tracker By IntelliTrac

MyKidsGPS Personal GPS Tracking Device by IntelliTrac

Every parent worries about losing track of their child, but Dean Calapai isn’t quite like other parents.

He has his own global satellite tracking business with technology that gave him an idea after a family trip to Disneyland.

”Young Matthew was only five-years-old so we decided to strap one of [one of the tracking devices] on them and it just gave us piece of mind during our holiday,” Calapai said.

The device is called MyKidsGPS and it allows parents to track their children’s movements wherever they go.

Using his iPad, Calapai can log in and track his son up and down the street.

It’s equipped with a panic button that can instantly send help message to five mobile phones with exact map locations.

It can also alert parents instantly if the child leaves an approved play area.

Calapai explains how the red area is where he allows his son to ride his bike.

If he goes outside the area, Calapai says an alert SMS will be sent so that he can ‘have a chat’ when his son gets home.

And there’s no risk of him going out of range, as they device can track him right across the country.

The gadget doesn’t just show parents where their child is at a particular point in time, it stores the data showing parents all the places their kids have been, and how long they spent there.

But some psychologists warn against overusing tracking devices.

Dr Gary Banks believes there’s a counter argument to say it potentially reduces independence

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