i-Dispatch Mobile Workforce Job Dispatch Mobility Software Solutions

I-Dispatch is a Internet Cloud based Mobile Workforce Job Dispatch Software Solution suitable for businesses employing one or more mobile staff. Designed and Developed in Australia for a global market.
I-Dispatch is scalable for any size organisation.

Suits:- suited to Tradespersons, Transport industry, and Service based industries.

Simply schedule your jobs on your PC and send them to one or more mobile staff on their iPhone.

Included is a facility to upload and download job notes, documents, photos and signatures.

In addition, i-dispatch may record invoice numbers, warranty numbers, parts used, normal time and overtime worked for each job.

I-dispatch may also generate a range of management of reports.

I-dispatch Job Dispatch System

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I-Dispatch is free to use and trial for 30 days.

As an introductory offer,

I-Dispatch will be free to use until February 2013.

Download the I-Dispatch iPhone and iPad App from iTunes.

Go To I-Dispatch.com.au and signup.

  • Set Up Your Company Account
  • Set Up Office PC Users as Admin
  • Set Up iPhone Users as Mobile Staff
  • Set Up Your Customers
  • Start Dispatching Jobs

I-Dispatch I-Phone App Icon

I-Dispatch is a mobile smart phone app available for:-

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android smart phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Windows 7
  • Windows CE

I-Dspatch provides an easy to use calendar function to display:-

  • Pending Jobs
  • Jobs in Progress
  • Jobs Completed
  • Job Notes and Documents
  • Live Messenger Chat between Office and Mobile Staff

i-dispatch i-phone login screen i-dispatch job dispatch calendar function

I-Dispatch provides an easy to use Job Description Screen. View all job details on one screen including:-

  • Time and Date of Job
  • Priority
  • Client contact Details
  • Description
  • Job Status

I-Dispatch provides an easy to use one click map view of jobs locations

Job Dispatch Navigation to Job

I-Dispatch provides and easy to use interface:-

Click Job Description Line Items to:-

  • Call the client
  • View Address on a map
  • Change Job Status – Accept/Decline/Start/Complete

I-Dispatch provides and easy to use interface to:-

  • Place Jobs on Hold
  • Change Job Status in correct sequence On Hold->In Progress
  • Take multiple photos of the job at various stages
  • Create Job Notes
  • Take a signature on glass

All information is stored in the I-Dispatch “cloud” for reporting and processing.

I-Dispatch provides an easy to manage job workflow process including document dispatch and control.

Imagine sending detailled documents such as work instructions, OH&S information, photos and more to your mobile staff.

A record of these documents is stored in the I-Dispatch cloud attached to their relevant job for accountability and traceability.

I-Dispatch provides an easy method of attaching notes to each job.

Use this function to provide a historical diary of any detailled information pertaining to each job.

A reporting suite allows office staff to quickly view job histories, job notes, documents and photographs

I-Dispatch provides an easy method of attaching multiple photos to each job.

Take before and after photos of jobs. Photos are date time and GPS stamped providing proof of work done.

I-Dispatch provides an easy method of logging parts used for each job.

I-Dispatch Office Admin reports provide cost and sell price of parts used along with profit margin information

-Dispatch allows mobile staff and office staff to enter:-

  • Invoice Details
  • Warranty Details
  • Parts Used
  • Regular Time to be claimed or billed to the client
  • Overtime to be claimed or billed to the client

I-Dispatch allows recording of staff and client signatures along with names at various stages of each job.

Information is recorded into the I-Dispatch Cloud computers along with date time and location data.

I-Dispatch allows mobile staff and office staff to change their availability.

For example:- If a mobile staff worker is on holiday, jobs cannot be allocated to them during that period.

I-Dispatch allows mobile staff and office staff to view their details such as:-

  • Hourly labour cost and charge rates
  • Email Address
  • Password management

i-dispatch job description
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